TM043 - Energy of Love is……..


Hello Son,

Energy of Love is……..

The energy of love is pouring into the planet, it is Divinely inspired, but many are still being stubborn and shuddering it away.

The love of God is making this happen; we say again it is his love that inspires you. He has heard the cries of millions and millions of people who ask for change and be saved.

If we continue to resist then we will be left behind when the planet moves closer to its singularity point of merging all time lines into one. We will be more confused than ever and say out, nothing has happened.

The change and a covenant must be made to yourself, that you believe and you're inviting the Lord to help you onto your own personal and spiritual development and path.

Then and only then, He will assign you a guide, mentor and spirit to help you on the way.

Yes, you do say that you are ready; but are you mentally ready.

If you deny what is good and let the mind chatter its negativity out into the world, then how you can be ready.

The Lord loves you all and wants the best for you, this is not a criticism we speak for some it is a daily occurrence.

When we truly believe from the heart, accept what is good in the world and shun and turn away from the things that cause the body into a loss of equilibrium. It is then we have made a choice.

Now it is time to carry this through and walk into the world of spirits and higher realms of existence; by just reading messages, from those who have experienced or have been inspired, it can lift many into these realms. Our mind will burst into life with images and flashes of scenes; enticing you to join the soul in its ventures.

Love continue to pours in, so let it in and smile, for this is the basis of all life, the first ingredient of creation, So be inspired and be inspiring continuously.

Your mother; listen and read, do not judge, for everyone has a task, they too want others to hear them. The love frequencies pour into the planet 10-10-12.