TM042 - The Reflection of the Mind


Hello Son,

The Reflection of the Mind

One's thoughts are like the weather; on a good day we can see for miles and the vision is so clear. But as soon as the weather changes visibility decreases, in some cases it is total darkness.

The weather changes so frequently that we begin to accept that visibility down the road will always be hazy. But we need to ask ourselves why this is?

The life we lead and the complications that arise often disturb the peace of the mind, when we sleep for some. Thoughts become uncontrollable and worry follows stress, then the bad weather sets in.

The mind is a reflection of a mirror, it shows images from our higher consciousness to help and guide in all aspects of our journey in the material and spiritual realms.

One accepts situations in life, situations in life that need not be accepted; often we do nothing when there was a moment to change things. Some things are meant to be challenged to give rise to a better outcome and peace of mind.

A glass left on the table will always remain there if you do not move it. Same applies to deep rooted or recurring thoughts that give rise to turbulent weather. Either we move on or even forgive oneself, the outcomes will then disappear.

Otherwise we will relive every thought on a daily basis that eat up our positive energies.

But there is hope and the weather is changing, yet some small steps are needed in your direction. This will cause the necessary action so that the mind can be free of the uncertainty we all sometimes have.

In millions of words all around the world that have been said or written, God has better plans for us all. A brighter outlook where evil in the lower limitations of the mind will be no more; Where peace and harmony will be the way of life and a new journey of satisfaction according to your free will.

This is certain for those who want the change and are making the necessary steps to make this happen. It is making this choice; but you cry out, we have made this choice in another life time. So be it, but actions are still needed for fulfilling these steps.

The mind will keep churning thoughts in the millions, it is a natural process but if it's directed to think according to the Divine plan, this will be beneficial. Most people all around the world only know a few things of their spiritual journey and there is lots more to acquire before we are totally satisfied.

Your mother; the cleansing of the mind continues, to have peace and clarity of thought is necessary.