TM041 - Language of the Soul


Hello Son,

Language of the Soul

Have you ever wondered why, when a person you know is thinking about you or is ill, you feel inside that you need to contact them. Even though they are not there or even a thousand miles away.

Why is it that you can be right about a person in this situation and many similar events as well?

When we communicate in this world we use our voice to do so; but we remind you that the real you is the soul. The body is only a dress or vessel to live in this environment and give it protection.

If the soul is the real body it too must communicate and have a language structure. For this it is true but it communicates at a different frequency; however there is a frequency in which all creatures and human alike communicate.

This frequency is the same for any animals and they use this in their everyday life. It is the very reason when we hear of people who claim that they can talk to the animals, they are actually using this frequency to do so.

In fact once a link has been established the animals too can understand.

Let me give you an example, do you remember thirty or so years ago our pet cat became ill. It became lethargic and did not want to do anything. At night its soul came to me and started to communicate. It said that it was very ill and wanted me to pray for him, which I did.

The cat used this frequency to get in contact with me.

All creation is made up of the frequency and attributes given by God; these are a variety of different vibrations that serve mankind.

Mankind is the master and ruler over all creatures, it is the very reason we can tame any and most animals. This authority has been given by God. The animals too know of this and have become subservient. They instinctively learn through time to obey.

Some people call it telepathy, but it's the precise frequency and tuning we are able to communicate with all creatures.

We remind you that all creatures have a soul and they all come from the same source or birth of creation that is the same Creator. It is the very reason we have a link with all things.

If only we can learn to use this in our lives and learn from everything around us.

Your mother; the power of the soul is in you, all waiting to be used in your everyday life. Such is the reward you all deserve for your patience.