TM039 - Beginning, the End and the Beginning


Hello Son,

Beginning, the End and the Beginning

The upgrade of how we think, perceive and store memory is happening all around the world, in stages. There is no doubt that those who are awake have felt this change and continue to be awake further in their personal development of themselves.

This process started in stages but more so in the eighties, when there was a mass awakening; but it slowed down until now, when there is continuously energies feeding the planet.

Some of you will query this and you are right to do so, for there was another awakening in the sixties; but we refer to this era.

This change, some have called it the end of the world, is a change of consciousness of the planet and man too. The old paradigm is coming to an end and the new fifth dimensional frequencies will flood the planet. However, this will be in stages as not to put pressure on the body.

Everyone’s path and change is different according to their free will and what stage they are in development. But there is another criteria and that is what role a person will play in the new paradigm.

There will be many teachers and soothsayers to administrators to make sure the transition will take place smoothly. For this reason God has a special plan for those.

But mankind should be assured and make the necessary preparation of themselves consciously, subconsciously and overall mentally. The steps one takes for their development is essential and should be continued and not be left in waiting for something to happen. This approach is not advisable, but an active and productive one is acceptable in the eyes of the Lord.

Your mother; be at peace and let the change take hold and be transformed in the new you will all be.