SS045 - Divine Love


Divine Love

“~*  I SEE a silver thread in the meld of Divine love

“~*  I SEE it is connecting in US

“~*  I SEE it is stronger then steel and yet delicate as a spiders thread

“~*  I SEE a love that is pure and untouched

“~*  I SEE it is a rose that is blossoming o is full flower

“~*  I SEE and smell a scent so pure that no one can smell

“~*  I SEE only the divine are able to smell this scent of paradise

“~*  I SEE the flower that has blossomed and it spreads its petals into a full awakening

“~*  I SEE us awakening and being lost yet found in this essence of LOVE

“~*  I SEE GOD blessing are LOVE and a twinkle and wink in his eye

“~*  I SEE a flower thrown in our direction

“~*  I SEE it multiplying into thousands

“~*  I SEE the flower is light and we are light

“~*  I SEE love as a full expression and more

“~*  And so it is...........................
With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all