SS038 - So we Cling onto what is Secure and Firm


So we Cling onto what is Secure and Firm

Yet when the time comes to make changes we simply freeze and almost everyone never commit ourselves.

What is needed we simply do not know as we have virtually limited access to heart.

The soul is but a distant part of our thinking and we simply given up in making contact. Some even do not realise that they are actually have access to their soul but are unaware.

We hold onto words and say, when we are ready we will understand; but this is your own undoing, because YOU are ready.

The year of change is here.

So cling not what is unworthy and is messing your inner thoughts and confuses you into making unhappy decisions on a regular basis.

You are the inner world, you are ready to show your majestic SELF, you are indeed the shining bright light of the universe.

We are with YOU.

So make actions wherever is needed in trust and let the universe provide for your needs, so BE and it WILL.

Listen in silence the words of your majestic heart and follow these desires and let it bring you many happy events.

This is an unfolding for everyone in the world.

And so it is.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all