SS042 - Poem; The Rose in Waiting

Poem; The Rose in Waiting

~The Rose waits

~Knows not what lies ahead

~yet here heart is alive...FULL

~That fullness is from the inner and cannot be described such

 ~Is the fullness

~Yet what is this fullness

~It is everything and nothing

~Merging at a point

~Then opening up and then forming a unique

~And only signature

~This signature is only received but the ...TWO....US

~And this is called LOVE

~For every LOVE is different and every LOVE is YOU and ME

~As we ARE LOVE reincarnated

~From thousands of time lines

~And merging in the NOW

~The pain, the anguish, the despair is no match for LOVE

~For it banishes them all and takes over

~LOVE is powerful and it laughs at the energies of the sadness

~But caresses the holder and the TWO together

~For it has kindness beyond measure

~That measure is infinity and more

~WE are LOVE


~WE are YOU and ME

~And I am here for ~~~~YOU~~~~

~Will you take me NOW?

~And so it it~~

From my Heart
~~~by Shazi