SS043 - WILL you walk with Me?


WILL you walk with Me?

~There is no other

~For the WALK is only for YOU

~And there is no other I share but the seed that you have planted in my heart

~As I listen and as I silence the denying...I SEE you and only YOU

~WALK with me now and share the sights

~Share me in your heart

~For cannot SEE but only YOU

~My heart says STOP, but it jokes and laughs

~It SEES and KNOWS the depthness and applauds that I have opened

~That I have gone so deep that it smiles and approves

~So will you walk with me?

~Own this road

~BUT only beginnings after every bend

~For I only KNOW a beginning and there is NO ending

~So WALK with ME

and so it is

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all