SS041 - I know it is from the heart


I know it is from the heart...I can feel the energy all ready

When something inspires YOU and gets you to do something from the normal, then you KNOW you have connected from the silent messages of your soul.

There is a great LIFT in your SELF when this happens and all of a sudden you come into action again; as though all the residual energy that was stagnated is again revived. It actually makes the day and we actually feel better and smile greatly.

When this happens we KNOW we have made the right decision and that happiness will stay with you for the rest of the day.

But why is that?

Your YOU have answered the call from your heart which connected the mind and made you LISTEN. It was a cry, which your heard and then carried out into action, now you have been rewarded and given the joy and praise that you rightly desired.

The new YOU is unfolding and it ASKS that you follow your inner desires that expands the best of YOU; fir it nourishes not only you but your surroundings too; for it becomes the beacon in YOU, until another thought or inspiration comes forth.

The spiral of happiness lifts again the YOU and gets into action once again.

The energy you spread in happiness in whatever you do and say is multiplied and is never wasted; it spreads to others like a mirror in a reflection and they too feel this energy; and some are truly inspired too.

Make time for things that builds bonds into your families and spread good cheer amongst your friends too; for they are lacking in a system of collapse and uncertainty in everyone’s mind.
There is no other;

There is no one to follow;

There is no certain plan;

There is no MUST;

There is no have to have;

There is no got to do:

There is saviour; when the saviour is YOURSELF.

The secrets lie within and it your own path you must follow now, we can only inspire you to make these directions onto YOUR OWN PATH; so delay not that is inherited in YOU

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all