SS037 - Some of us know


Some of us know how to do most using Inner and Consciously awake Wisdom, but many are Afraid

Fear of the unknown or even a lack of nerve is our own undoing and this applies to everyone.

We seem to plan so many things and often wonderful dreams in our heads yet only to fall flat and simply forget it all. We have gotten so used to routines and even being in unhappy conditions that we simply won’t get ourselves out. Some is being victims of their own selves.

As though the lessons of life’s experiences have been forgotten for a moment and we simply carry on.

Is the world not big enough for you?

There are many explanations and answers to all of life’s happenings and events. When you are free to chose and select an alternate path to a difficult circumstance or even predicament.

So why live in anguish, when you are indeed the centre of your own life and your mind is a tool that no other can match. Yet do you use it fully, dear one.

Being afraid makes  our own path difficult and restricts the flow of light and reveals only a partial truth.

A limited answer can be very frustrating when a full and complete answer is needed. Yet it is our own undoing and we have only ourselves to blame.

You have a choice in all matters, but are YOU making that choice, or are you able to make any adequate choices as well.

Can you trust yourself to be open with yourself or be forever live your life in uncertainty.

We have said words to make you release that YOU have the inner wisdom to help yourself in every part of your life. This we only need to activate and trust.

So make that positive commitment.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.