SS036 - Nothing God has hidden


Nothing God has hidden Anywhere

The Creator has been open from the beginning but it our perception and even distraction from material things that the true message has been lost.

Dear ones the knowledge we gave to Adam is the same you possess inside, and there is no denying this; for all attributes and qualities’ of the Divine words is within you.

We have not hidden it somewhere, but inside the cells of the body is a portal of knowledge that can be accessed. Some believe it is elsewhere, but no, the connection you have to make.

The spirit is the God consciousness that advised or guides the conscious body and directs a person to his original life plan when God created Man.

To aid this journey he has given all the knowledge and knowhow to better himself in life.

One's ego and denial and even stubbornness can seriously restrict the access to this knowledge and insight. We can be ignorant and be misguided regularly as our conscious mind is full of material and other opinions from people.

But the person we should be asking for guidance is ourselves. This because the soul is aware of our needs and best understands who you are. There is no better friend then yourself.

Believe and open your heart to compassion and love and the keys to this wisdom and insight can be accessed.

And so it is.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.