SS035 - We affect Everything


We affect Everything

Anywhere we go or say or even glance at, we affect. We accept that our minds and thoughts contribute to the universal consciousness; we now need to accept that we project waves of energies depending on this thought.

The universe serves our needs and it calculates precisely what is required; this goes on in everyone’s lives, regardless if they are aware or awakened. The same rule applies to all.

Our moods and emotions are an essential part of our makeup of a person, and we have all come across someone who is angry. This anger affects the surroundings and us too.

We feel either upset, emotional or even return the anger back at that person. Some react immediately whilst others it is a delayed affect, a testimony to our emotions affect everyone.

If a person is calm and goes about his affairs in life, this too he projects to his surroundings and some will too feel this calmness. We have all remarked on a person feeling happy or even suspicious without that person saying anything.

This is because we have felt that energy inside and it has entered our inner psyche, making us respond or give a remark.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all