SS034 - The more We Awaken


The more We Awaken into Things; The more We See

There are levels within levels of awakening, and each give an inner insight and perception of understanding.

For example, a definition that can be revised and better explained. Awakening to the truth is the same, the more we awaken into things, the more we see.

Not only that we increase our understanding of life and nature and even people.

We will find that some things said will have to be re-said in a more detailed way as YOU have become awakened.

The gap between the spirit and the conscious mind becomes less or the tuning between the two states has become clearer.

Now we have begun to see the detail, the concepts, the images we did not see before. This keeps on developing as we gain our understanding, like learning a new topic in a subject.

The more we concentrate the more we open ourselves to this learning and awakening.

Concentration and how we focus on a particular understanding opens the mind into further insights.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.