SS033 - Interweaving


Interweaving my BE~ingness

A silence prevails and interweaves your BE~ing for you all are going an inner and deeper awakening.

His awakening is fathoms deep as your inner self searches for answer of it SELF. It recognises the wisdom within and sees and hears a different tune of your song in life.

It wonders and analyses the past tunes you use to play, but has come to the conclusion that change is necessary. The life you lead now there is a significant change as your higher thoughts are used each day.

This higher thinking is making you release that life as a whole has come up short, and there is a increasing inner feeling to alter and come up with an improved path.

There is a catalyst within you to speed your own progress by asking guidance and being in your inner self of silence for answers and guidance.

Your BE~ing is interchanging and accepting the new energies from the higher plains that feeds the whole planet. This higher energy is having a greater impact of your thinking, as long as you accept the change.

You are YOU but also BE within and outside in your life. Experience what life is giving you at this present time for you are the reason for existence in this time period.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.