SS032 - The Lost


The Lost, Hopeless one, the Egoist and the Show off; all to be greeted with love

A word or even a complete sentence can save any person and at the same time relieve his plight.

The wise stay away from continuous confrontation for they know how at ethereal level the energies change. What you say and do has an influence in your circle, so choose your words carefully.

There is a sacrifice to be made for your own spiritual and personal level and this is to tolerate those who do not believe or chose to stay at the side to see the events and not take part.

There are many struggles in the mind and many will continue to intercept these minded people who continue to cause trouble for yourself and others alike.

The smart one will chose to stay away and turn his cheek, the brave will help to cause the plight of that persons plight or emotion. Whilst the pious one will explain the energies resulting in the personal change and anger that he has brought forward.

All these there is no discrimination as the Creator always given us free will to chose and practice our own judgments.

Dear ones when the bell rings and a person wishes to fight with you, be understanding and let them have their say and respond in a manner which is not to excessive; For he may be a believer to the cause of the day later down the road.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.