SS031 - You’re wounded and hurt


You’re wounded and hurt, but the heart wants love to find its way home

You tread so slowly and the hurt you feel is my hurt and I ever want you to look this way; for I am your heart and feel every physical, emotional ache or tremor.

The life has made you weary and it lessons have wore you down even further; but it was those moments that made you the person you are. You are strong and have it made it to this new beginning in your life.

So carry I will onto your way, and forgotten I have not your woes.

I feel your emotions for they are your rewards along your way. So give not away yourself or loose hope for the journey you tread that made it hopeless, will soon fade the scars and memories of the past.

Love will find into your heart and a smile will return each moment of your life. So BE and it will BE

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.