SS030 - The Higher aspect


The Higher aspect of YOU ignites when it is flamed with passion

Dear ones to be purpose driven in life is a method of success, as it relieves the twists and turn of the mind; as the questioning mind chatters for reasons and explanations. It always wants answers for the reason why we do the things we do.

The logic mind or ego often takes over our higher self, to spoil and even confuse our own thinking.

But when we learn to silence for periods of time then the thoughts become minimise and we begin to listen to the words and images of the spirit.

Ones own intentions are important.

The higher aspect of YOU ignites when it is flamed with passion, it is so very true.

It becomes another generator or even a booster rocket, to propel us further to do the things with a smile.; A passion and drive that only leads to further energy feeding the mind, body and soul complex.

So create this intention and give the passion the body needs for every moment in your life.

Spread this smile and feed it to others.

You are all evolving and this recalibration of your DNA is the awakening you have all been waiting for and it is not an encounter of any kind, but only of the SELF.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all