SS028 - Forgotten Love


Forgotten Love and how the need is ever more to be Present

So many people are in a routine that takes away true emotional feelings that insight passion in our minds. This is because there is an increase in attitude towards working.

We feel aggrieved and unsure why we need to work, when internally we are screaming inside to get out.

This restlessness is on the rise in every nation all around the world, there is no denying this; as evidence is on the daily news each.

 A reminder of an increasing trend of demonstrations that we read and see each day.

The tiredness and frustrations grow each day, sapping our energies and away from the primary source, Love.

It is love that binds and adheres friends and partners together. Even families share the same experiences each day with a smile and grin.

Love forgets faults and criticisms between people; for it only sees the positive aspects of ones character. This universal energy expands and never shrinks unless we do something.

Love needs to be present in everyday life and even thought.

This attitude is the drive needed for many dear ones that wish to progress and graduate towards their own personal development on the spiritual path.

You are not forgotten but need reminding to take away the judgement part of your character and to replace it with thankfulness and love for all things around you and beyond.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.