SS027 - Where there is no hope


Where there is no hope a shining light Births

The world continues to throw unexpected issues and problems that keeps our mind all caged up. We often think there is no way out or a complete hopelessness.

This is because under pressure we use the lower dimensional thinking, but when we are positive and think deeply the opposite happens. The higher consciousness works effectively and is quickly able to give advice and inspirations because there is no restriction holding us back.

The more we are tangled up the more we confuse further our personal issues or events in our life.

This is completely changed when we silence ourself and relax the mind and invite the communication of the mind. This is the same for everyone as the Creator does not discriminate.

He is able to rationalize and evaluate and seek out a solution from the thoughts of inspiration of the soul.

This personal companion is there for ever in your life among all dimensions.

If something’s do not materialize then do whatever is necessary to make it happen and leave the rest to the Creator; but the actions come from you dear one.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all