SS025 - What we perceive


What we perceive can be expressed in a thousand different ways

Such are the varieties of the mind all over the world and the many languages that express words so differently.

The eloquence in writing and the beauty in people’s thoughts and expressions are for all to see. Mankind has graced his language to show that he has mastered himself to a certain level.

My dear ones, you have all done well and continue to show your brightness to others too. The energies in March and April will test your resolve and some will be shaken to the core.

Be assured these are a shedding of old karma and past memories that do not serve you well.

The thoughts created will ask that you cleanse these memories by acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others.

No two emotions and dreams are alike such is the vastness of the mind and the way it perceived things. Indeed mankind has made life into a folding of his character; but the time dear ones is to unfold.

This unfolding of yourself is to embrace the new you and the new paradigm which is manifesting daily.

So let yourself be lost in your thoughts and silence and feel.

Your heightened insight increases to serve you well so be not in doubt or you will be led astray.

Be patient and you will all triumph.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.