SS024 - Unfold


Unfold and Find the Message that is for YOU

A person’s intention is a powerful energy that utilises the universal consciousness to serve you.

When it is submitted to the Divine source, his higher instincts become tuned to his surrounded, if he wishes for an answer be received.

When we open ourselves up to our surroundings and tune to the noises of the world, we do indeed receive a reply.

The mind will tell you of this if only we are looking for an answer.

This is free to use for everyone around the world.

A message or messages are given daily for you to help in your life and to follow the original path that the Creator had intended. This path was not to struggle or receive extreme challenges.

But to grow and find the knowledge that will manifest and open up the inner wisdom and intellect of you.

This unfolding or remembering is your inheritance.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.