SS023 - You Were meant to Fly


You Were meant to Fly and not to Struggle through Life

When a person loses his tool for doing a job; for example a saw needed to cut down a tree; it becomes more difficult to do the same job.

To forget and not know that the correct tool to use and do a job correctly, nor save time makes everyone frustrated. He may even sometimes think that he is doing it right.

The job may have been done and we smile on completion, but we do not know the reasons why we did that in the first place.

Everything we do or even interact and come across people is a reason. They are there for your own personal and spiritual development. More importantly the message behind these doings is never understood.
Man was made to fly with his spiritual understanding and higher intellect; but he lost his way and has accepted a life which involves struggling through his life.

When the higher insight was lost or forgotten he stopped missing this wisdom and it was out of his mind.

This modern era is to remind you all that the connection is to be restored and be used in your everyday life.

A tool, from the Divine consciousness, to serve you all.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.