SS022 - My Soul


My Soul Part of the Universal Consciousness

As I ask and communicate to my higher consciousness, I am reminded it is part of the universal consciousness that envelopes the planet and beyond.

When we communicate, we are able to listen to the words depending upon our focus, some more than others.

My soul is not unique but every soul has this link, to communicate with whatever is their own desire; but the universal consciousness holds libraries of knowledge which is the key to understanding where we live.

Like the heart which holds other knowledge mankind is surrounded with learning tools at his disposal; yet he does not realise deeply how fortunate he really is.

The soul is free from time, space and restrictions of gravity; it can easily fly to the destination of its own choosing. Very few people are able to direct their souls to a destination.

But one's conscious thoughts can be directed, and the evidence is everywhere as we look, in words written by many people all around the world.

It is a practice of thinking and focus. The longer we focus on one, we think better in the tuning and signal.

In our everyday life our tasks we do require focus, and the more dedicated we are; the more passion we create. Hence the focus is better and lasting.

There will be enthusiasm too and this creates the desire to finish off any task or bring the task into life. This is not strange from decorating one's bedroom to even writing a love letter, we need focus and the desire to start and carry on a task.

This desire is now needed in whatever you seek.

But the seeker must have a focus to create a passion and the desire to seek too.

The Soul not only in dreams is part of a higher understanding and wisdom. The Creator has left an imprint to seek in its psyche. This is why we all seek to KNOW, to find ourself and the knowledge to understand our spiritual and dimensional connection with the higher realms.

To KNOW is part of YOU.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.