SS021 - The Inner Fight to Survive!!!


The Inner Fight to Survive!!!

Often it is our hesitancy that prevents progress within ourselves; this is down to fear and in particular the fear of the unknown.

Anything new our minds go into a cautious mode and evaluate all things; however some minds spend so much time evaluating that the opportunity soon disappears.

This is dependent on the person and his thinking.

Yes we do agree that there is nothing wrong with cautiousness but we must also recognise opportunities when they arise. Otherwise we will go round in circles doubting and accepting ideas and thoughts and then doubting again.

There is a constant battle within to accept the new paradigm energies and the new wave that is entering the planet.

This new energy will test the mind of all the people in the world as the veils that kept you away from ignorance is no more.

Thoughts and those inspired by your own higher consciousness, will come more easily and this is the new paradigm which Mother Earth inspires all.

Dear ones accept the phase in life that will challenge your beliefs and even your comfortable lives.

It will be a shake to your foundations so be brave and trust in YOU.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.