SS020 - Learning to Get up


Learning to Get up during hard times as the Light enters like a shower

The ego is your identity and it keeps your personal perspectives into plan when it is not over excited. During excessive use of this energy imbalance occurs and we proceed into a thought pattern which becomes less of what people think, but towards a selfish attitude.
However, it does not stay in this wave, it fluctuates as situations arise. But it is different for all depending upon those who know and aware of their ego and make a conscious effort to contain what they say and do.

During moments of uncertainty we think that all has been lost, but this is the moment of recalibration for the mind.

The soul becomes active and starts aiding you in your circumstance. We forget the higher consciousness is indeed a friend and an ally for choices and words said in your life time; as it is the one that aids in all of your communication, if we only listen inventively.

My dear ones you use it everyday, the higher consciousness, but only in small periods, when we have tuned into it, without our knowing. Everyone has done this.

Often if we pause and think for a moment we under pressure go silent or when we are stressed. It may not be true in some cases, but a silence overtakes us.

This silence the mind has programmed to do, to keep you silent in thoughts.

We do indeed go quiet, in this silence communication and tuning becomes easier than ever before in active routines. We do not realise this instead we assume that the Creator is not listening.

However the opposite is happening. He listens more and answers come readily and easily.

Light comes flooding in like a shower aiding and comforting you. This will continue for periods of time, even hours depending upon the circumstance.

We are not are of this, and we have to ask ourselves, why do we calm down after a row, for example.

Because we have rationalized and evaluated the problem and the mind has come to terms with the problem. It is thinking that the higher consciousness provided the reasoning behind your action.

We do indeed get up from these circumstances and carry on.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.