SS019 - Fight for Your Own Cause and Tribulations


Fight for Your Own Cause and Tribulations

Your mind works well when it is free from the stresses of life and not under pressure. When it is in this state it thinks freely and evaluates situations over time.

A healthy mind does this regularly and some do also when they are under challenging times.

When the mind is under stress a person should look and find his balance; we do appreciate that this is not easy. For some it can be days when this balance can be achieved.

However, it is the separation of the moment of thought; meaning push the problem to oneside of the mind and carry on. Ask your higher consciousness to work out the problem for you, but carry on with your life, in a calm manner.

Over time, when this is practiced regularly; the time to go back to balance will be reduced.

The mind is the key to your wisdom and connection to YOUR higher consciousness. Without the calmness and peacefulness of the mind a connection and link with the soul will be difficult but not impossible.

The soul is always at peace and feeds from the God consciousness which it is also in a perfect state of calm. The frequencies need to match for the connection to be made, however we do stress that on occasions the Creator has intervened for souls to make a connection with Him.

The balance, peace and love of the mind and self is an essential part of the cleansing which is going on these coming years.
So be gentle and loving to yourself and have the respect you deserve.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all