SS018 - What You Lose Manifests Later


What You Lose Manifests Later in another Form

Disappointments in life can leave all in a pool of worry and tears. Often we feel everything has caved in.

But the spiritual mind will say that the moment was not right for you; the very reason it did not materialize. We actually did not need or want the item or thing in the first place.

So disappointments happen and we don’t get our way, we need only try to understand the reason behind it.

The moment did not happen or manifest, what we need to only understand is that it will return later in another form.

You cry, ‘What does this mean?’

Dear ones, the moment was not lost, but the time was not right. The Creator has understood your disappointment and even your tears. He never wishes disappointment in your life on a regular basis, but only to bring a change in thinking and knowledge to give you wisdom.

So the cycle of return will come back and the opportunity will return if you so desire. Just the moment was not right.

But dear ones we still need to act upon this idea or dream to make this manifest. So be in the light and wisdom of the mind and understand that challenges in life and the opportunities missed will return.

Keep your beliefs alive and do not argue recklessly when things do go your way; there could be a valid reason.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.