SS017 - Emotional wounds


Emotional wounds is when Healing takes Places

During our lives and especially this year when so many things can come up, we can be visible on the surface.

With challenging and emotional instability facing some of you, we can sometimes just stop. This can have a difficult bearing in what the next steps follow.

But remember dear ones, when we have trauma and emotional times, healing takes place immediately.

We often go through a moment of crisis, but the healing phase slowly filters through the mind first. It activates the thoughts and they begin to realize, reevaluate and simply make sense of the situation.

We do accept some will take longer to work out depending on the circumstance; however, healing in phases does take place.

The soul is your friend, and it will never leave you in a state of confusion. It actually works things out and helps you in the healing process. Often your polarity and energies change during challenging moments.

When this happens we attract and draw upon people to come to our aid. This is not true in all cases and the attraction is different too, depending also on personal circumstance.

This attraction due to one's change of polarity is best described as a magnetic effect.

A person or even a group of people will come to aid you; sometimes this can be on the internet too; when we are drawn to a website or we start reading an article that makes us feel better immediately.

You are never alone dear ones, so keep your belief alive and look for signs in your daily life that makes you grow personally and spiritually.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.