SS016 - Find Your Hidden Potential


Find Your Hidden Potential and learn How to Use it

Thousands of words have been written to find ‘oneself’, and to ascend to the higher dimensional planes of existence. The transformation of 3D consciousness to 5D, this is ascension.

We are so used to using our lower limited intellect that we think it is all we have; many do not even try to find this inner wisdom and settling for second best.

We have forgotten, the reason is why, no blame will be held against you. But dear ones now that you know, it is wiser to find this silence within.

So sit down anywhere and be comfortable; your silence is sacred and even your own focus.

Now listen to your inner voice, but firstly learn to silence ones thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go, do not focus on them, let them flow. They will originate as normal and a chattering will continue.

Once they have settled down learn to focus on one theme. You will find it that only a few minutes until the chattering continues again. Do not worry this is quite normal.

Through regular practice the thoughts will be less; but remember dear ones in meditation we actually begin to heal. It is like a sleep state and the rejuvenation process that happens during the night is the same during meditation.

By sitting in meditation the advantages are endless, and unique according to oneself.

Visualise a theme or a picture or even heaven and stick with it over a period of time. Let your mind settle down and be comfortable with your focus.

You will find over a period of weeks that your mind will clear up and thinking and memory will increase. This is a sign of your unique cosmic mind awakening.

Some will feel another eye and wisdom has opened, whilst others will experience or even images flashing in their meditations. But remember it is unique to you, so comparing with others is not wise but can leave many confused.

Remember your hidden abilities in wisdom and insight lies within.