SS015 - The Seeker is also Sought


The Seeker is also Sought by his Higher Consciousness

Whatever seeds we sow, the intention we make with passion and belief, the crop begins to grow.

Once the foundation has been made and we continue to build on this foundation, we start to learn or put things into operation.

An action is made, a step into the focus has been taken, and the universal energies will start to sponsor your intentions.

A connection from the mind and the universe is a flow that feeds as longs as we keep this focus going.

What we don’t understand, is what we seek in life and what we think too becomes a focus in our daily life. This focus the higher consciousness provides are intellect and wisdom towards the fulfillment of the thought and focus.

If this is a spiritual focus then it is multiplied and enhanced at a rapid rate as the soul knows this is a higher part of your thinking and it acquires the understanding to feed your mind.

Wisdom follows and we begin to know.

The seeker in this path is also been sought by his higher consciousness, to fulfill a path of higher dimensional learning.

It is like an attraction that you both hold in togetherness and cannot be separated. It will stay with you whenever you ask or listen to it silently. The higher consciousness has too been seeking you.

It requires you to make contact with it so that a relationship of communication can take place to provide the needs of the SELF, which you will better understand when the link has been made.
With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.