SS014 - Silencing your Intellect


Silencing your Intellect for Spiritual Un-sureness

The world has taught us many things and we have acquired a great deal in experiences. We have used these experiences to better ourselves and make judgements in our life.

There has been moments when we became unsure. But it is our credit that we carried on regardless through challenging times.

The logic mind and ego is our intellect that we use in our material life; we use the memories stored in the mind's library to communicate, give advice and even teach others on a daily basis.
Dear ones it is time to be silent; for what you know is not enough to understand your path and SELF. The 5D consciousness of the planet has already commenced and we need to also move forward towards this consciousness too.

The ego and the logical mind we use in our daily lives cannot fit the new paradigm’s knowing. The energies will make us more confused as we continue to hold onto the old ways and routines of life.

Once we recognize that what we know is never going to be enough and at the same time listen more to those who have knowledge; then we will begin to acquire a new wave of insight and understanding.

The 3D understanding will slowly be replaced by a 5D consciousness with a greater insight and silence in the mind.

For it is this silence we are able to communicate with the God consciousness.

So release yourself to the values you have held firmly in the old paradigm and at the same time empty the mind. When space has been made in the mind, then we will begin to understand and accept the new energies and insight.

The spiritual path will make many unsure, but it is this un-sureness in the nectar of further insight and knowing.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.