SS013 - Looking Outwards is Wasteful


Looking Outwards is Wasteful, Looking Inwards is Insightful

To look outwards constantly is truly wasteful, but on occasions we need to fulfill our desires and needs. But when we forget our true self, we get to know nothing of the soul and true body of who we are.

When a person constantly only thinks of himself and no other, he loses himself. Life is like a maze; going in one direction and then the other; trying to look for signs and a way out.

In some cases we will be right, but often it will be short lived.

If mankind realizes that looking inwards allows us to see another part of our being; that has a voice and wisdom. This new paradigm which started in December 21st 2012 requires mankind to find their inner wisdom and sight.

This year is the start of wonders for those who seek it out and practice regularly to perfect themselves in their chosen field or path. Even this the Creator has left up to YOU, to exercise your one free will.

Dear ones, direct your energies inwards, for the wisdom lies within you; as long ago was Adam who was given the knowledge. You too have this knowledge so find it.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.