SS011 - In the Common ground


In the Common ground where the world has no Interference

Experience in life gives us many happenings and circumstances to ponder with. Even when things have been done wrongly and we have made bad errors of insight.

For some, these occurrences of the past are still fresh in everyone’s mind and they interfere with their thinking. We consciously relive these moments unnecessarily as we should make a common ground and let it rest.

There is a place in every one's mind where there is no one but YOU. This common ground is where the world has no say, as this is in the privacy of your own thoughts.

We need to remind ourselves that a sanctuary does exist in our minds. Where a person can release these occurring memories and simply move on with his life.

Even so it is wise to come to terms and understand our past as a learning curve.

We may be surrounded with people who have something to say, but they are allowed with their opinion; remember dear ones they are only opinions, some will be relevant but so too will some who will say otherwise and opposite to your insight.

Nevertheless, to carry on with life and its confusing moments is a bold and courageous venture by all your part. But remember it is your actions and your loving nature to others that is making the world a greater in depth of love.

So release the old paradigm and accept the new one in YOU.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all.