SS010 - Set the barriers of Love free to flow


Set the barriers of Love free to flow

When a person puts conditions in relationships, friendships or even in his everyday life, he has restricted himself. It becomes a condition or a cautious approach rather than an unconditional love.

Some without knowing do this in our everyday life, conditions or even a secret judgement against another.

‘’Are you perfect, can you do better than another?’’

We must ask ourselves are we better than another and if so then why do we put restrictions and judgements against our fellow beings?

When we love, it must be with an open heart and without conditions such that energy is free to flow, this is with everything you do in our life.

If our mind is free then it is a higher love and no barriers have been added.

Perhaps it is better not to seek this love but to find yourself first, and embrace love in everything you do using your heart. When we practice this in our life, then we invite love from each other, without our knowing.

Kindness and openness is a trait the Creator loves from you all and He accordingly rewards all.

With Divine love and an Open Heart these words I share with you all