SS009 - The Journey of the MIND


The Journey of the MIND and its interdependence

When the change of focus becomes the inner wisdom of the higher consciousness, then we grow spiritually.

All have this within ourselves to grow at our own pace and not others directing or pushing others around.

This is the steps for you,  follow dear ones and you too Shazi.

When we meditate with our inner as the source then the energies will change and recalibrate the frequency to the source and to the God self.

This tuning is going on all the time and the dial of connecting to the source becomes clearer each time as we interpret these messages.

This recalibration of all of mankind is necessary for everyone wishing to move forward to connecting with their 5D consciousness. These bold steps are not that bold but a part of your next journey.

The spiritual mind is calibrating to the universal consciousness which you reside in this 5D conscious state of Mother Earth.

We too need to match and tune into this energy, otherwise restless and anticipation will enter our life in a daily basis.

The way forward is for everyone to embrace your own true potential which is waiting behind the scenes of you inner path.

The Divine self of YOU is has a voice so listen to its words.

With Divine love and Open Heart these words I share with you all