SS008 - Jewels and Precious Stones


Jewels and Precious Stones

When we see jewels and precious stones in our dreams then they represents the accumulation of our good deeds and intentions. They also show the spiritual gifts given as a reward by the Creator.

Be assured dear ones, for all that you do will not go in vain; even a grain of mustard seed signifying the positive intention made during a moment of life, will be indeed rewarded.

Your life indeed is precious like a jewel in itself; waiting in the wings is your higher consciousness to be connected to within.

This yearning desire to be heard by the soul, continues for a life time and this does not cease.

You may wonder or even forget with your logic mind, but the soul never forgets and inspires every moment of your existence.

Even in your dreams it sends images like a movie, hoping that you will take heed. So listen in silence for the voice.

With Divine love and Heart.