SS007 - Finding the Courage


Finding the Courage within to ignite the inner Wisdom and Spark

Several words can describe how a person needs to ignite the spark within, regardless of what he is doing or saying, the spark starts with the initial beginnings.

Dedication, compassion, belief and love.

For all things these words carry pockets full of energy to do what a person needs to do without the worry.

If a person carries these words and the intention to do the job or task, then he is well on his way to succeed in his venture. The attributes of these Divine words ignite the mind into action and the task becomes closer in distance to completion.

But if a person becomes unsettled then the task becomes distant and he even feels this distance inside. He will say I will not be able to do this, it is too difficult. Then the task does indeed become incomplete and the energies are lost in the void.

Belief together with the compassion of all things and those that enter our life can be done by the thinking process. Our mental attitude to succeed and not give up is the path that leads to success whether we totally believe or not.

Often we believe in ourself than God.

But this to God is happy, as you believe in the attributes of oneself, which belongs too God. These intentions the Lord is happy with, and lets mankind carry on without any grievance; such is the mercy of the Lord.

When a person regularly believes in his own ability, then he gains courage for further tasks in his life. He gains experience and he uses this in all of his future work and other things.

Your wisdom from the heart is your personal guide to use for all things, so use it dear ones.

With Divine love and Heart.