SS006 - Lost Concentration can easily be Replaced


Lost Concentration can easily be Replaced

Often we can lose a routine do to busyness or emotional reasons.
There are times when we automatically stop; as everything in our daily routine cannot be done, due to the hurt or the occupation of the mind.

The mind becomes unsettled, thoughts come racing through our mind and we simply feel unsettled.

Sometimes on occasions we are very edgy, and nothing we do or say can relieve a situation.

Like a virus, the healing process is dependent upon the cycle of the virus coming to an end. Until then the healing becomes a daily or even an hourly process when the outcome takes time before the events in the mind settle down to normality.

Until then we can speed up the process by taking our mind off things or even discussing our unsettledness with somebody.

Nevertheless, a routine will always be replaced by another, often we come back to where we left off; but the changes are always at mental level. The thought processes always change due to any trauma or challenging moments.

This is because each time we have become wiser, insight has replaced the old thoughts.

A rejuvenation of the mind has taken place and we can relax and be at ease.

Some people think that they have lost time, but this is only an illusion, as time is always given back to a person who has been mindful and has accepted the changes within.

This cleansing is happening to everyone and continues at different times of the year for everyone on the planet. No two paths are alike; such is the wisdom and variety of
one's thoughts.

With Divine love and Heart.