SS005 - A Thought can be Transformed


A Thought can be Transformed into Conscious awareness

A thought from the spiritual awareness and source has energy and insight; it is a book of wisdom. A single thought impression or imprint that once gazed upon opens up.

A thought is not a single word, but attributions and manifestations into the word. It has energy that lasts till infinity and beyond, depending upon the gaze or focus of the receiver.

The longer we look into the thought, the longer it reveals its wisdom and knowledge.

Once concentrated upon, the thought is transformed and keeps transforming; for it reveals who keeps the focus alive. A thought can be saved and brought back into focus anytime; such is the power of the mind.

We entertain thoughts every day, some call it daydreaming whilst others use this insight to explore and learn about themselves.

Entertain wise thoughts and see like no other and hear like no other, as all thoughts are perceptions; insight into wisdom of God.

So transform your thoughts into YOU, for YOU are part of your Being.

So be ONE.

With Divine love and Heart.