SS004 - Close Your Eyes


Close Your eyes and View the Conscious in Spirit

The inner sanctuary of the mind is your solitude happening in your privacy. There is no invasion but your own Being.

The wisdom of you all happens when it is accessed, no matter if you focus in the mind or other parts of your body. The result is the same in an explosion of activity, where the connection is made after the spark has ignited and opened the key to your own library.

There is no other, as everyone has their own uniqueness. Man is like a finger print with access to their own library; which like thoughts are only for that person.

So close your eyes dear one and seek deeper in the chasm of wisdom and look further inside to see the conscious spirit in you.

The explosion of images and ideas, will see the other part of your Being; your true self.

So open your mind and into belief where no person can witness but you.

Your secret is your own, a part of a treasure waiting to be opened and looked at and admired. So see and delve deeper into your own psyche.

With Divine love and Heart.