SS003 - The Spiritual Gardener


The Spiritual Gardener who grows and fertilizes his Own Crops

An awakened soul remembers his routes and his faith in God; he uses this knowledge to grow further crops. These crops help him to develop and connect the missing dots of the vision of his own ideal world.

Many would assume a sacrifice has to be made; for they are right in perspective; but this sacrifice is the dedication and the making of time to grow these crops within the spiritual self.

He nurtures and thinks carefully his actions and often his belief will give him the confidence to go with his flow and not plan effectively.

As everything does not have to be perfect, for the flow will always be there to correct the wrongs and rights with his own path of life.

To some, planning is wrong for they will say to trust in you and everything will work out fine.

For others, they will say being prepared for all consequences and mishaps is preparation of one self too.

Both are right and you know which one is best.

The spiritual gardener in you also feeds others which He grows; it is His wisdom which He shares and others will feel the passion and delight of His work too.

For the fruits of His work are tasted by many.
With Divine love and Heart.