SS002 - The Staircase to Expansion


The Staircase to Expansion

An athlete tunes his body and works hard to gain fitness and strength. He scrutinizes until the tone and shape become something he is happy with. If he continues in this similar routine, he will find other things about himself and about how he performs better under different conditions.

He may decide to go to another place and practice to clear his mind and experience another condition; to test further his body.

As the time goes by he continues to condition himself and tries other diets and times to seek that perfection that he strives for.

When we look at ourself, we have to remind ourself, that all that is needed in life is mostly within us, besides food and shelter.

If we condition ourself and tune into the vibration we seek, then we will understand that WE indeed have the intellect and wisdom that God has been saying for millions of years.

If we continue to tune into this frequency, more and more insight will be gained in the KNOWING which will expand in our minds.

For this indeed is our staircase of oneness and understanding of all truths that we seek.

With Divine love and Heart.