SS001 - The Spiritual seed


The Spiritual seed in an Environment of Imperfection

Every day in our lives we come into contact during a normal working day; dozens of people and even at home too. Our minds adapt to all of these changes, emotions and even criticisms to well wishers.

In a split second the mind and the thought processes are able to churn away ideas, guidance and even words to say when we talk to a friend, colleague or any family member.

These thoughts adapt and stay strong in the mind of a spiritual seed or a person who stands firm in an environment that is lower dimensional.
Even so we have to remind ourself that people have the right to communicate and express their views, which could be favourable or not; for they too are on a journey of discovery of themselves.

To find the treasure of themselves, the knowledge of all truths.
When a spiritual seed ventures out into the world his mental state is not of another, for he has indeed mastered a thought which he can develop and enhance on his spiritual path.

His thinking is more passive and sees and views the world in a different set of eyes as an observer; For he observes and most of all reserves judgement, as he listens to the noises of the world, before he passes any criticisms or point of view.

The word of a spiritual seed carry wait, for he KNOWS and the higher consciousness too. This KNOWING is of the spiritual God consciousness that he is able to tap into. That only tells the truth.

Seek the truth and recognise the truth wherever you go in your life.
With Divine love and Heart.