SHC017 - My Cosmic AWAKENING through my LOVE portal

16 March 2015

~ * My Cosmic AWAKENING through my LOVE portal * ~

INSIDE MY  HEARTS EYE I SEE stems of ROSES in a basket, they are red and pink. The basket is on top of a table made of marble

I begin to breathe slowly IN and OUT to clear the clutter of my mind and to help FOCUSING;

INSIDE MY  HEARTS EYE I SEE clearly and the table has now gone and been replaced by a STAIRCASE that is leading downwards; somehow the basket of roses is still there; but it is suspended in the air

As I concentrate I SEE the staircase has GOLDEN hand rails encrusted with white diamonds; the staircase is like being inside a tunnel; but the tunnel is in two shades and mixed as a spiral of art décor type in blue and purple. It is incredibly and very well painted

I continue to do downwards and holding the handrails at the same time; as I do I feel the diamonds are permeating through my skin and regenerating them, replacing them with FRESH energy

INSIDE MY  HEARTS EYE I SEE I have arrived at the bottom only to SEE another staircase entrance which is going UPWARDS; I wondered if I was going back up again; BUT decided I decided to be patient and not judge anything

I climb up the stairs; but this time the staircase handrails were made of one  purple diamond spiral and again encrusted with clear diamonds. As I hold the side rail I could feel little burst of electricity through my body; it made me feel funny inside and brought a smile on my face

I continued upwards and upwards BUT after thirty or more steps there was no end in sight; this made me feel anxious and wondered if I was meant to climb these steps in the first place
INSIDE MY  HEARTS EYE I SEE myself still climbing the steps; BUT then I see a light, it was brilliant white, more like a shining diamond

I eventually came out of the staircase and into an opening; it was an open cave with a pool and waterfall behind

There Standing to one side was a beautiful women completely dressed in WHITE, from head to toe; She looked more like a Druid or some high priestess.

I walked towards here and she smiled; I then noticed here hands were the  colour, rose pink and even her eyes too

After several steps I was standing about three feet away AND we embraced, she immediately spoke;

                    “Dear Shazi; IAM your COMPASSION and LOVE, embodied as a    Spirit to be here at this moment; So clear thy mind and be YOU in your HEART

Your intentions have called me so I have come to give guidance in your journey IF thy wish”;

I said, “please do”

We both sat down by the pool with the sound of the waterfall hitting the rocks below; yet it was indeed a majestic place I was in.

She continued, “Love is boundless, unless IF thy hast put a limit due to ones intentions and selfishness; BUT Shazi this has never been YOU

You continue to nourish the minds of the many and give HOPE and GUIDANCE to those with needs

Shazi, YOU have reached a POINT of LOVE, which you are unaware and this is a summit in itself; It is more then any emotion  FOR it is ALIVE, IT IS A CONSIOUSNESS
It feeds and expands the more you TAP into the purity of your own SELF; It is this SELF NESS that you have expanded and continue to expand; for NOW I am here to bathe you in this pool”

We got up together and she took my hand and led me into the pool; the water quickly turned a crystal clear and the waterfall began to shoot light as it poured into the pool below

With both hands she baptized me three times, by pouring water from her hands and over my head; each time she brushed her thumb across my forehead and blew

I began to feel sleepy and sleepy and could barely open my eyes; then she spoke, “Sleep Shazi for YOU are fully AWAKE”

INSIDE MY  HEARTS EYE I SEE myself waking out of my VISION and everything began to fade away

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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