SHC016 - My Bridge of Conscious clearing and Awakening

14 March 2015
~ * My Bridge of Conscious clearing and Awakening * ~
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a bridge it is beautifully decorated, as though there was a wedding or a massive celebration going to happen; there were flowers all looking like carnations to roses but all were white or ivory in colour
I wondered if there was a wedding going on; my vision was blinkered to view the bridge only
On both sides were decor small pillars on either side on this bridge; the bridge itself must be at least a hundred metres long
I begin to walk down and then I noticed the ground, it was water, about inches deep; I could see my own reflection and noticed I was wearing a pure white tunic and trousers
I continued walking and I saw my hands they were rather pink and reminded me more like a rose petal; indeed I could smell roses and noticed I was wearing a long chain ring from my wedding finger and it extended and  wrapped around my wrist
The chain ring had a spiral pattern that looked like numbers in pure platinum ivory, if there was such a think.
It read, 7878787878
I begin to understand; there were changes happening to my life and that was coming to and end and also new frontiers were going to happen
YET I was still curious enough to keep walking through the bridge
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE I come to a marbled floor that was tiled, in ivory colour; I see a table and a single chair. On the table is lamp shaped like a six;
This I understood to be a sign to inform me to be positive and believe wholeheartedly in my own divine powers for guidance. It was indeed a balance that was needed in my life during this time of emotional change
I move closer to sit down on the chair to SEE the number 2 on a plate made of ivory with gold inlay;
This I believed the sign is to open my compassionate SELF beyond the ethers of the Universe AND see what people see; to be closely connected at an emotional level
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE my fingers begin to seep out golden threads onto the plate, it soon accumulated into a pile; then I see a purple diamond rise from the threads
It was about the size of my palm and faceted to give a shine that was both purple and gold; Inside this diamond was another diamond that was RED; it was beautiful
I reached out and took it in both hands; it was warm and comforting then I noticed inside the red diamond was a silver coin
But I could not make out the engraving
soon everything began fading away and my vision too
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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