SHC015 - My subconscious pool of LOVE

13 March 2015
~ * My subconscious pool of LOVE * ~
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE petals all over a pool of water, they are PINK; there is so much scent that I quickly get covered all over by the smell; LOVE can do that to a person, I feel
I realise that I am standing in this pool of petals; as I look around it is indeed completely surrounding me for miles and miles
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE there is movement in the pool, like a consciousness that is ALIVE and LIVING in the pool; I realise quickly whatever I feel there is a reaction and movement in this pool
THEN I realise that I AM in my subconscious pool of LOVE; as soon as I knew, the petals quickly grew to a single stem flower; YES they were Roses, somehow my conscious thoughts had put energy into them
Then I could HEAR something; it was a low frequency sound and I knew it was the roses that were trying to communicate with ME.
I slowly began to fall asleep being totally intoxicated with the scent of LOVE
Everything quickly began to fade away and my vision too
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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