SHC014 - My Diamond Encrusted ROBE of MY Consciousness

8 March 2015
~ * My Diamond Encrusted ROBE of MY Consciousness * ~
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE running water the steps; it was like cascading waterfall; as I concentrate further the water is flowing like gas smoothly away
I walk closely and watch it flow down a pool of bright blue water; somehow the pool was special to ME, I felt this inside
THEN all of a sudden everything collapsed, the waterfall, the steps too; it was like someone had squashed everything FLAT
The water quickly disappeared away leaving the pool of water 
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself sitting next to the pool and to my surprise there is a centre of purple water; I wondered HOW could this be and WHY has the purple not mixed with the blue water
I watched in amazement until the coloured water began to flow in opposite direction; it was like a slow movement
I kept watching the flow of the water until I saw diamonds come to the surface, first one and two and three; quickly this increased to several dozens. They were circular and about a small dish size, even so, they were still huge
Then a single red diamond bobbed on the surface, it was perfectly polished and cut
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE this was bigger then the other diamonds and had symbols of a lost language on them; this was my perception when viewing the diamond
I moved closer to the pool and viewed everything wondering what it meant; somehow these I felt was an OPENING of something INSIDE of me and I was observing all of this
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE  the red diamond move closer and closer to me and the rotation of the pool had stopped; slowly it began to bobble closer until it was only a few feet away
I could SEE it clearly now, and wondered if I should pick it up
To my surprise it lifted above the water and rested slowly on my lap; it was the size of a dinner plate and YES it was a hefty weight; it was a beautiful faceted diamond; I was now observing my INNER INTUITIVENESS in the shape of a diamond
I looked at the symbols and saw the following;
1. In the middle and centre was a long post that looked like a TRUNK of a tree
2. Left of centre was a symbol, like the letter M, that was reflected, above,left and right; so it was like looking at four M's that are all joined together
3. To the right of centre was a sandal, that had a jewel in the middle strap
4. Below centre were four carved JEWELS these were all RED; it was like an outline
5. At the bottom was a single clear diamond; somehow I did not see this earlier
As I paused to make sense of it all, things got complicated; the red diamond suddenly became PURPLE and slowly began to rotate
The symbols were all still engraved on the diamond, as before
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the most incredible thing happened, the pool of blue water slowly turned into a blue silk cloth; it began to float closer and then covered me. It was like wearing a silk gown encrusted with thousands of diamonds
Then I watched as the big purple diamond floated up and rested on my head; I could feel it melting to the contours of my head and I realised I was now wearing the diamond
I could feel something going in my head, like a whirlpool spinning clockwise; I knew it was some etheric energy had been activated inside of me. 
The silk gown that covered by body was “lifting my body upwards”; I quickly grounded the energy and slowly I could feel a rush of fresh light whizzing through; My cells began to GLOW and light began to burst out through them
I looked at my hands and I could see LIGHT, as bright as lightning bursting outwards; as though my WHOLE body had become light
I begin to feel tired and slowly the Vision began to fade away and finish
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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