SHC012 - The Elevation of my Golden Eagle Consciousness

2 March 2015
~ * The Elevation of my Golden Eagle Consciousness* ~
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE that I sitting on a small cliff with my feet dangling and overlooking the SEA; but this was no ordinary sea as it was purple and blue mixed together. Yet it looked divinely beautiful.
There was even a gentle breeze which I could feel against my face. 
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE  the calmness of this vast ocean and in the distance there were many lights flashing from the surface of the waves coming into shore; 
I began to concentrate further so my vision could be clearer; I breathed in and out and relaxed
Then I hear a loud  cry of a bird, “qaw, qaw”
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE in the distance a huge Eagle coming towards me; I have seen this bird before, but it was a long time ago; as it got closer it was indeed huge compared to a normal size bird
It landed about three feet away from me; wow
It was an golden Eagle, literally golden; as it was feathers were made of gold. It still had feathers but it was inlaid with gold. 
Then I noticed its talons, they were gold too; the bird stood about ten feet tall and must have a wing span over fifteen feet; 
Somehow I knew why it was here, for me to get on the eagle and go for a ride. I walk closer to the bird and started to feel and rub its head; I could feel the feathers and it was more like silk. BUT more importantly I could feel its energy and strength
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE the Eagle fully spread its wings and began to flap; I had to move back, wondering what was happening
As the Eagle fully extended its wings I could symbols inside its inner wing; on the left wing, there was a circle and two golden eggs next to it. On the right wing was a mature tree; and next to that was a staff.
The inner wing was complete RED, and different shades of burgundy too; in between the feathers was also gold
THEN I could feel the energy coming from the Eagle flapping its wings; it began to flap faster and faster; the force of the energy went through my body and I could feel something being washed out
I realised it was a cleansing that was taking place 
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE my body crumbling with the power of this energy ripping through; BUT I stood there and took this force. This went on for a while and I could feel a rush of fresh blood; it went through like an electric current. It circulated all around to every part of my body UNTIL I felt refreshed again
The Eagle then stopped flapping and I looked at my body and suddenly realised that I was completely golden and transparent; it was like a flickering between a gold and see through body
I also realised I looked more like a ghost as like on TV
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE my hands and they were glowing golden but still transparent. The Eagle came closer and closer to me until it was inches away. I did not know what to do, my mind was so empty and confused
I looked up and straight into the eyes of the Eagle. 
It stood there staring at me and I felt was being hypnotised; The Eagle kept its gaze on me until I could feel a twitch inside my eye. Then further little twitches. I began to look to the left and right to get rid of the awkward feeling; but my eyes began to twitch several times.
THEN I realised my eyes were being calibrated my the Eagles gaze; now that I understood, I kept my composure and left it happen
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE  the Eagle wrap its WINGS around my body, then it began to shake and thousands of golden feathers and other coloured ones too, began to stick to my body. After a while I was covered in feathers
The Eagle then took its wing off and attached them onto my arms; I was now an golden Eagle
I felt wonderful and I couldn't wait to fly; 
I whispered thank you to the bird and it smiled back
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself running of the cliff and flew into the skies
I see everything fading away and my vision too 
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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