SHC011 - My SEA SHELL birth of the VAST expansiveness of the UNCONSCIOUS mind

1 March 2015
~ *  My SEA SHELL birth of the VAST expansiveness of the UNCONSCIOUS mind* ~
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself sitting crossed leg in a gigantic SEA SHELL, it was laid with mother of pearl
My inner psyche told me instantly that I just been born; and surprisingly I had an umbilical cord attached to the shell; 
I smiled and stood UP, the cord fell away
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE myself getting out of the shell and standing on a ground which was cloudy. The ground had a silver cord running through and away somewhere ahead
I could not make out where it was going BUT it was connected to the SEA SHELL
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I begin to walk along this cloud beneath my feet; and at the same time the scene began to change and more things began to reveal itself. I was now surrounded by a blue sky and unusually the clouds were underneath
Somehow it felt right and normal
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE my self looking down towards my body and WOW, I had dozens of silver cords connected all around my torso; they were going outwards and everywhere, even above and into the sky
I felt I was connected with the universe through these cords
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am also standing on some sort of circular disc stone, it is made of pure white marble; but this marble is inlaid with golden threads. Somehow it was part of the marble stone and it all around the disc
The stone marble disc had a cord that was connected to me, from its centre
I SEE flashes of lightning across the skies, which made me look up and take note; then a gentle pulling and shaking of my cords around my body; I wasn't sure what was happening and I began to look all around me
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE everything around me come closer and then a little closer; it wasn't fast but a gradual coming together of all the cords. Even the sky was coming closer
I watched as the cords were shrinking and coming together; the pace quickened and ,it was like an elastic band coming back after being stretched to its limits
All the cords had all returned and the skies were coming just behind
Then BANG,  a single flash of explosive light blinded me
I had to cover my face from the shock and felt that I had done something wrong; but this thought was short lived as I could smell incense and different floral smells. I took my hands away 
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE that I am in a field filled with flowers of all kinds; I knew instantly something had awakened inside and I was going to shown something
INDEED I was right
In the middle of this floral field was another SEA SHELL; this took me by surprise, I was expecting something else; I should have known better to try to predict or expect something else.
I quickly emptied my mind and focused back to my heart and stood patiently
I looked across and indeed there was an enormous oyster shell, slowly walked across to have a closer look
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE the lid of the shell being covered in a shadow of flowers BUT they were all gold and then it will quickly turn to flowers again
It was like looking at two images that was displaying simultaneously, from golden flowers to floral flowers pictures all over the oyster lid
AND I recognised this was the duality of my frustrations in life; the two folds of the images of trying to achieve something THAT may happen or not
INSIDE MY HEART I SEE I began to smile and reassured MYSELF and said softly, “INDEED the challenge of life, love, living, earning and much more in the material world IS an enormous challenge to have”
I knew inside this was a personal message and I had to keep going and achieve the goals I had set myself to find the SOURCE of ME and the gentle balance of living too
as soon as I realised the meaning of this the shell disappeared and was replaced by a fountain about ten feet high. But there was no water coming out, instead brilliant light that was dense in appearance. It was overflowing all over the field. The colours were brilliant etheric whiteness, if there was a word. 
I kept looking and reached out to touch the cloudy light and it was like something I had experienced before, a silky lotion and I began to cover my hands and face. It smelled of roses
THEN as I looked at my hands it was inlaid with gold, like a thread into my skin.
And soon everything faded away and my vision too.
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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