SHC010 - The Emergence of MY Connective Psychic Stars

1 March 2015
~ *  The Emergence of  MY Connective Psychic Stars * ~
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself floating; as my vision becomes clearer, I realise I am somewhere and surrounded by blue and purple light. It was like being in a zero gravity environment, it was unique
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE myself having no control and I continued to float ; then I slowly began to float upright and in a standing position. But I was still in a place with no ground
I began to look around to SEE if there was anything around me; as I looked to my left I saw a single STAR shining brightly like a diamond, then to my right I saw a cluster of stars. I began counting them and realised there were exactly twelve and all of them were different colours
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE having the urge to merge the single star alone on the left to the ones on my right. I did not know why I wanted this to happen, but INSIDE my instinct wished it. BUT how was I suppose to do this, I thought to myself
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a single electric bolt of lightning flash from the left to the right; it gave an crackling and loud noise as it raced through the sky. But the lightning did not fade away, instead it connected with the left star to the right one.
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE this lightning connection as getting brighter and brighter. Soon it became a brilliant diamond sparkled white light.
I knew instantly that they have INDEED connected together
Amazingly the right stars began to ROTATE around a central point slowly; I continued watching until they began to merge inside each other. Now the twelve stars have now become ONE. But this single star was bigger and multicoloured AND it still was connected with the left star
NOW it made sense; my left and right hemispheres of my mind had connected together; not only this, but also my THIRD eye, left star, had connected also with the right chakra stars
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE I knew also this was a connection like no other from my other VISIONS, and I had to be patient and keep observing
THEN suddenly with great speed the stars on my left and right came together and collided
I had to stand back quickly expecting a huge explosion BUT instead there was pure etheric light that was given off; I shielded my eyes from the brightness 
INSIDE MY THIRD EYE I SEE a huge DIAMOND that had merged from the stars; It was beautiful and it was slowly revolving
This diamond was pear shaped or but closer to a tear drop; as it revolved I could see the many colours that was inside the diamond
I knew my patience had been rewarded and the heartache of many hours toiling through my life was finally witnessing such awesomeness in the shape of a diamond
My INNER insights had merged and were now working as ONE PSYCHE or WISDOM
Sadly everything began to fade and my vision too
The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi
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